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Privacy Policy


At CrewGetter we are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy policy tells you about how we are collecting, transferring, using, processing and protecting information that we may collect about you through our website,, or any subdomains we may have.

Before you create an account, you automatically accept our terms and conditions.



We at CrewGetter uses cookies to recognize you and give you a better user experience.

In some cases, we are using third party cookies, such as Google analytics for user tracking.



When you access our domain, or any of our subdomains, we may collect non-personal information.
For example, we may collect which browser and OS you are using, the average time you spend on our site and which country you are visiting from. With these information, we cannot recognize you at all.



In general

With the CrewGetter platform our users can create tests and landing pages. These users decide what information to collect and how they manage this information.

We do not, at any time take responsibility for what our users are publishing.


The right to be deleted

We at CrewGetter are committed to complete your wish to be forgotten.
When you submit a request to be deleted, it will be done in a reasonable time after the request is made. We will delete your Personal information from our systems when requested to do so. We do keep backups stored for up to 90 days.



CrewGetter takes the security of Personal Information very seriously. We are using all kinds of different technologies, to ensure the security is the best.
We do always make sure our system is up to date with new security patches.
CrewGetter uses technical and organizational security measures to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or access.
We are storing personal data along other useful information, in a secure cloud database with limited access to this. Only authorized employees have access to this database.

We provide an SSL certificate on our domains and subdomains. Our users are able to setup calculators and forms on standard http domains.

Data from the calculators, tests or landing pages can automatically be transferred to 3rd party systems. This is configured by our users.


If you have any questions regarding our security or anything else, you are more than welcome to send us an email to