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Find your next employee directly from Facebook via interactive tests

We turn recruitment upside down

Meet your candidates, where they are

The challenge

Times are good. The most capable employees are already hired elsewhere - and aren't actively looking for a new job We have to find them, where they are and meet them eye to eye.

Here is how it works

Like this

You decide, what we shall ask the candidates about. We build an interactive test and launch it via Facebook. You get candidates sent via email or shot directly into your candidate management system.

Attract the right ones

You need the applicants, who are already busy. Give them the offer to test themselves and get the applicants you need.

The candidates test themselves

And gets answered right away. Having to spend time on all those candidates, who do not fullfill basic requirements, is no more.

Decide, who you will employ

Set your criteria. Hit the mark with every single candidate!

In a time, where the best candidates are already employed and where there is a struggle for their attention and time, it gives extremely good results to meet them with an online test instead of asking them for an application.


Tested in Denmark, Poland and Sweden


Candidates found


DKK in average per candidate


Integration possibilities

Recruitment. Gamified


Customize your own CrewGetter and gamify your recruitment, easy and simple.

Our prices


For small companies

$ 29

per month

  • 10 candidates included*
  • Unlimited tests
  • Candidate kanban view


For most companies

$ 199

per month

  • 50 candidates included*
  • Unlimited tests
  • Candidate kanban view


For large companies

$ 699

per month

  • 500 candidates included*
  • Unlimited tests
  • Candidate kanban view


For large companies

$ 929

per month

  • Unlimited candidates
  • Unlimited tests
  • Candidate kanban view

*$9.99 per candidate in addition to those included

Out of the different businesses we have contacted for a solution offer, LeadDoubler was clearly preferable with their flexible style and swift execution.

— Sidsel Yacoov

Project Manager

Recruitment is of strategic value. CrewGetter is an important part of our growth strategy

— John Funch

CEO Fairwind